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Every HCS staff member worked for many years in the Hotel / Restaurant field, and most of them as managers, so they understand what our customers want from the customer’s perspective.

We thought we’d let you hear quotes directly from our customers. Many of them have written testimonials that they would like to share with you. We encourage you to visit their restaurants.

Letters of Recommendation

“When we installed Aloha in our 6 Arby’s franchise stores, we immediately saw increased sales across the board. Within one week our least productive store flipped their profit margin from -20% to +10% — a 30% swing. It has been able to sustain that level of production and is now is our second most profitable store. This is attributed to Aloha’s remote reporting capabilities, resulting in a decrease in employee theft leading to higher gross sales and lower food costs.”

“As the COO, the benefit of having real time data reports available in the various disciplines of Sales (verses Prior Year and Budget), Labor, Cost of Goods, discounts, voids, deleted items, etc. has proven to be invaluable in our efforts to run a more efficient operation. We have 9 corporate stores and 7 franchise stores, however have only 2 employees running our corporate office.”

“The results from Aloha Restaurant Guard were immediate and surprising. Being able to focus on my operations without worrying that money is literally walking out the door – that’s priceless.

Within days of activation we knew we had an effective theft deterrent. I was shocked when I saw the results which identified several long time employees engaging in suspicious activity.”

“Using Aloha has greatly benefited my business.” Tom continues “my managers think it is simple to use and easy for server training purposes. Also, the uptime is amazing because of Aloha’s redundancy, but if a terminal ever does go down, it is easily and entirely replaced.”

“We initially chose to switch to Aloha because it has become the industry standard. When we hire new employees, managers and staff alike, they are always relieved that we use Aloha. Although it’s very customizable, all Aloha systems are laid out the same way which makes training so much easier. We have stayed with Aloha because as we have expanded, their tools like Configuration Center, RestaurantGuard, and Aloha Insight have become essential in managing multiple units. Further, with NCR Pulse we are able to access extremely detailed sales, labor, and reporting data for all of our restaurants at any given moment on our phones.

Our store managers and directors feel that the service we receive from Hospitality Control Solutions is also far superior to that of our previous POS provider. HCS’s help desk is local and our employees have come to know most of their employees by name. Their employees are all former restaurant people that understand our needs and respond with a sense of urgency that demonstrates that. One salesman was even in our downtown Nashville store at 8:30 AM on New Year’s Day to fix a printer issue.

A. Marshall Family Foods is happy to have partnered with Hospitality Control Solutions not only because they support us, but also because they support the causes that we support. It is apparent to us that the employees of HCS come from the hospitality industry. We would recommend HCS and Aloha to any restaurateur interested in a long term restaurant technology partner.


“We have switched all of our restaurants to the Aloha POS system and we are quite satisfied. The service response time that we experience from HCS Aloha is the best that we have received and we are very satisfied that we made the move. Their help desk is invaluable and we appreciate the knowledgeable people they have there to help our managers with day-to-day questions.

The redundancy feature of the terminals is a strong positive.

We are happy with our decision convert all of our Chop House locations to Aloha, and we would highly recommend the HCS Aloha product… to anyone that is considering making the investment in a new point-of-sale system.”

“The service and the service response time that we experience from HCS-Aloha is the best that we have received and we are very satisfied that we made the move to Aloha a few years ago. Their help desk is invaluable and we appreciate the knowledgeable people that help with the day-to-day questions.

We take advantage of their e-card program and find that to be of great benefit to us as we weathered the Christmas storm with basically NO downtime from credit cards or gift cards. The redundancy feature of the terminals is a strong positive.

Let me just take this opportunity to say that we are happy with our decision and we would highly recommend the HCS Aloha product to anyone that is considering making the investment in a new Point-of-Sale system.”

“In the Summer of 2003, Connor Concepts made the decision to switch from Micros POS to Aloha, and we have never looked back. We picked Aloha because it was designed by restaurant people for restaurant people, and we heard good things about the local Aloha dealer. We have never considered switching again since then because we feel that there still is nothing better out there, and because we have received exemplary support and service from Hospitality Control Solutions.

Aloha has grown with us, and now with 16 very busy stores spanning 2 concepts in 5 states, we continue to add revenue-generating and revenue-saving modules to Aloha. We trust HCS to bring many of these to us, and then help us manage, deploy, and/or integrate these technologies because HCS has come to know our business and our needs. From seamless Payroll and accounting integrations to inventory and scheduling modules to great new tools like Restaurant Guard, HCS and Aloha/NCR continue to bring value to our business with innovation, integration, and service.

One product, Aloha Restaurant Guard, saved our business a lot of money initially upon implementation, but it continues to generate value for us. We consider Restaurant Guard to be the “policeman on the corner”; it prevents crimes by its very presence, helps catch offenders, but also helps identify and reward good performance. We feel that we can preserve our culture better with both positive and negative reinforcement of our behavioral values, and Restaurant Guard gives the right tools for that job.

The inventory product that HCS introduced us to has also saved enormous amounts of cost. It is also worth every penny and every man-hour of the investment needed to adopt that solution. HCS understands what KP ls are and how best we can adopt the solutions that we need and want, and this drives some of the highest returns on our investments imaginable.

All of our store managers as well as our company Directors and Owners are confident in the valuable support we receive from HCS. This is likely because all of the HCS employees are also from the hospitality industry, giving them the insight and sense of urgency that we appreciate. HCS has always been our advocate and so we are happy to take this opportunity to be theirs as well.”

“Our restaurant group has been a customer of Aloha’s for over 15+ years. Within the last year; the MF Restaurant Group has partnered with HCS for locations in Nashville,TN and now Chattanooga, TN.

HCS has a level of customer service that surpasses our expectations time and time again. Our operating partners and general managers have great access to support through HCS and feel that their needs are always handled in a timely manner.

As a restaurant group with 8 locations and more on the way, partnering with HCS is highly recommended. From on site training, emergency help, and knowledge, we have been very pleased with HCS.


“As the IT Administrator Home-Grown Industries of GA, I work closely with Aloha POS and Aloha above-store Hosted Solutions for our Mellow Mushroom stores. HGI has been using Hospitality Control Solutions as our Aloha vender since November of 2002, and we granted them exclusivity with our Brand within 2 years of their first installation with us. HCS has grown with our Brand from the 45 or so stores that we had at that time to well over 200 stores now, helping to unify our POS platform as well as our disparate databases into one cohesive structure despite the widely-varied franchise ownership and local store needs. We’ve grown in number of stores, but also in per-unit volume, and HCS has helped us find solutions that help drive those numbers through tools like reporting, loyalty, gift cards, and other innovation.

HCS has been a great company to work with. Because all of their employees are former restaurant professionals, they understand not only our needs, but also why we have those needs. Their attention to detail and shared sense of urgency makes them a great partner. HCS employees are always available and helpful with any issues our franchises have at their stores, and they are also great to work with at a corporate level. When we have system wide initiatives that we want to implement HCS works closely with us to get those accomplished, even if sometimes those initiatives need to happen fairly quickly. HCS helps us develop and execute the right plan for the given situation, and so we really appreciate their commitment to us.

For any restaurant company that is looking for a technology partner to grow with them, we highly recommend the great team of folks at HCS and the NCR tools that they help integrate and support.”

“I’ll never buy another POS system that’s not Aloha.”

“When I hire new servers and tell them that we use Aloha, they say ‘yes!!’ Those that have used [Aloha] before are ahead of the curve. For the servers who haven’t used it, it’s not difficult to get them going. It’s easy, start to finish.”

“It has been a joy working with the installation and support staff to customize the Aloha system to our specific needs. Their extensive working knowledge of the restaurant business has been invaluable in helping us get the most out of our Aloha system.

All the aspects of good POS that HCS Aloha brings to the table have had a substantial impact on our bottom line. I would recommend HCS and their suite of POS products to any restaurant interested in streamlining their restaurant operation to get maximum efficiency.”

“We have featured a customer loyalty program involving our extensive beer selection for over seven years. The Mellow Mushroom Beer Club allows customers to earn credits for enjoying different beers. Ultimately members earn discounts on draft beer and admission to exclusive beer club events throughout the year.

In the old days we used paper books and stamps to administer the beer club. The system was slow and required tremendous time and attention from a dedicated employee. With the advent of e-frequency, now Aloha Loyalty, the system has been dramatically improved for our staff and customers. The seamless integration with the table service allows for servers to easily perform the necessary functions of the beer club. The paperwork has been eliminated and administration is very efficient. Aloha Loyalty is a valuable addition to the Aloha system and has helped our restaurant gain and retain a legion of dedicated customers.”

“For the past four years, our sales growth has been in the double digits every year. In addition to speed and accuracy, my wife dials in from home to add items and get readings. The sales, product mix and labor reports allow us to more accurately control food and labor costs.

The Aloha system has paid for itself several times over. We have a great relationship with HCS, which is very valuable, and they always take care of us. We recommend HCS and Aloha to anyone who wants to expand to the next level by giving better, quicker service to their customers.”

“We changed over a year and a half ago and it has been a very very positive deal…Simple and reliable. I have nothing but positive things to say. Service has been great but I have not had much need of it.

Because we use the Aspect system we save $4000 per year in accounting fees plus it dials in all our food cost down to the individual line item ingredients.”

“Dr Don Newcomb, his son Chris Newcomb and Debra Bryson were the original founders of McAlister’s Gourmet Deli, a nationally recognized brand in the restaurant industry. Just a few years after selling that very successful concept they developed a new one called Newk’s Express Café. They derived the name because ‘Newk’ is short for Newcomb, Express because they wanted to be fast, and Café “because it tells the mind that this is a place where I can come and relax”. On February 2, 2004 the original Newk’s Express Café opened in Oxford, MS. The Newcombs made the decision to install Aloha at Newk’s because one of the most successful McAlister’s franchisees had been using Aloha from Hospitality Control Solutions in their (then) 24 McAlister’s Delis and were very pleased with the partnership. The Newk’s concept has 98 units in 13 states today and is growing at the rate of twenty or so per year; Aloha is a required investment at all units. Now branded Newk’s Eatery, the stores average 800 customers per day and are expanding their catering presence and increasing off-premise sales. The need to be efficient and fast is paramount, and having a POS system that allows employees to be so while concentrating on the signature Newk’s customer service is integral to the operation. “I can actually walk up to an Aloha terminal and begin to use it to ring up product without any training. That’s something I could not do with our former POS at our last restaurant concept” said Chris Newcomb. The Aloha ease of use, coupled with superior fault tolerance and industry leading above-store solutions, make Aloha the logical choice for Newk’s Eatery. Connection to the community is also at the heart of Newk’s business philosophy, and by installing Aloha Stored Value, Aloha Loyalty, and Aloha Online Ordering, and other above-store solutions they are leveraging the most comprehensive point of sale Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools in the restaurant industry. All restaurant concepts from counter service to table service, to the Newcomb’s own hybrid ‘Fast Casual’ market space have made Aloha the number one hospitality POS system for restaurants. Please visit a Newk’s Eatery near you or get to know them better at Hospitality Control Solutions is proud to be the POS partner for the Newk’s community.”

“I can actually walk up to an Aloha terminal and begin to use it to ring up product without any training. That’s something I could not do with our former POS at McAlister’s. (McAlister’s Deli is now also switching to Aloha).

Ease of use, coupled with superior fault tolerance and industry-leading above-store reporting (Enterprise), makes Aloha the logical choice for Newk’s Eatery.”

“Service is great. Haven’t needed much but when we do it is quickly there. The Quickbooks integration saved us $5,000 a year”

“With Aloha, the product and the system are stand alone. It speaks for itself. Aloha is a superior system and product. When I run into an issue or problem, which is minimal, I have a response within 15 minutes and the service tech explains and corrects any issue. The biggest thing for me is that I get a response and it gets corrected. Our Aloha system has given me more sales. The ease of adapting to it has been great!”

“First and foremost the folks at HCS are part of the Shed crew. Their system is accurate and reliable and they are always there for us”

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