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Aloha Kitchen

Add value to your kitchen operations with NCR Aloha Kitchen. This solution includes a kitchen controller, bump bars, 17” LCD displays, printers, and kitchen software. We will configure settings based on your kitchen’s unique needs including screen design, key metrics, and sorting options. With NCR Aloha Kitchen, improve speed of service, increase productivity, and maintain high food quality.

  • Routing rule book, load balancing, and routing based on cook times
  • Order status updates integrated with digital signage and mobile applications to make it easier for your guest to pick up orders placed outside the restaurant
  • Bin functionality that helps speed repeatable tasks on make lines
  • Ensure your dishes are made the same way, every time, with the ability to add recipes, images, or videos for each item
  • Increase production in the kitchen environment, ensuring orders are prepared and coursed correctly
  • Decrease the ready times for long cook items and accurately quote take out order ready times
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