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NCR Aloha Online and Mobile Ordering makes it easy for your customers to get the food they want, when they want it. Give your customers the ability to enjoy your restaurant on their terms. Achieve higher profits, customer intelligence, and brand awareness in an engaging way with Online and Mobile Ordering.

How can you better protect your operations from internal theft? It is estimated that 75% of a restaurant’s inventory shortages are due to theft. If left unchecked, this could equal up to 4% of annual sales in certain cases. With NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard, you can stop internal theft and gain a better way to measure employee performance. Managing your operations has never been so easy.

Get the data you need to run your business with a user-friendly solution that provides comparative reports and illustrated trends at corporate, franchise, and store levels. NCR Aloha Console functions seamlessly with your NCR Aloha POS and is used in over 6,000 locations around the world.With Console, spend less time managing your business with manual processes.

In today’s society, cyber security is more important than ever. You never want to worry that your restaurant may be a hacker’s next target. NCR Aloha Network & Security Services (NSS) is a layered network defense solution that prevents data security compromises. Play it safe with NSS.

Turn your Wi-Fi environment into a potent source of revenue and customer loyalty by leveraging the combined benefits of NSS Managed Wi-Fi + Analytics captive portal and social media interaction technology.

NCR Aloha Pulse provides immediate, actionable information about your restaurant’s performance right on your mobile device. Gone are the days of lacking predictable data and low visibility into current operational performance. Be more places at once with Pulse.

NCR Aloha Stored Value addresses the common challenge of generating new revenue and ineffective marketing. Did you know that customers, on average, spend 65% more than the stored value card amount? Gift cards extend your brand’s footprint and unlocks previously unrealized customer value.

Repeat customers represent an average 74% of sales for quick service operators and 71% of sales for fast-casual operators. With NCR Aloha Loyalty, you can build guest loyalty through effective programs that lead to higher profits, guest satisfaction, and visibility.

NCR Aloha Command Center is a remote monitoring and diagnostic tool that provides you with unprecedented control over IT operations. Use Command Center to acquire real-time updates on the status of hardware and software at all of your restaurant locations. This powerful hosted application enables you to troubleshoot and solve issues rapidly before they impact site operations and customer experience.

Being alert to management issues and having the capability to analyze operational data from a central hosted location is key to effective restaurant management. NCR Aloha Insight is a web-based business analysis tool that provides key data about your restaurant’s performance.  Achieve greater freedom and visibility with Insight.

Do you know how much a bad service experience could cost your business? NCR Aloha Customer Voice gives you insight into what your guests think about your restaurant. Achieve higher revenues, productivity, and guest satisfaction.

Aloha Restore provides peace of mind with reliable data retrieval when you need it most. Restore is the automated and affordable solution to help relieve the burden of backing up store-level data and keeps your Aloha POS running smoothly by sending excessive and dated subdirectories safely to an external source.

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