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Back of House

Drive efficiency, accuracy and speed in your kitchen and across all your locations

Kitchen displays, multi-site management capabilities and more to automate your business processes and streamline your operations. Improve communication and waste less food with the fully-integrated Kitchen Display System for Aloha Cloud.

Eliminate back of house complexity and make managing multiple locations easier
  • Receive online and in-store orders instantly on screen.
  • Easily stay on top of orders with screens for every station and decrease ticket times.
  • Improve order accuracy with orders displayed on a monitor instead of being handwritten.
  • Manage menu items, pricing and employees across all your locations all from your back office.
Kitchen Display
  • KITCHEN ALERTS – Staff are alerted to new orders with an audible “ding” to ensure tickets don’t go unnoticed.
  • COLOR CODING – Tickets are color coded so your staff is always aware of how long a ticket has been open.
  • (UN)BUMP ITEMS – Staff can (un)bump items on the kitchen display to mark items as prepared.
  • VISUAL INDICATORS – Your staff can see which items have been added, voided or transferred through visual indications.
Back of House & Multi-Site Management
  • MENU MANAGEMENT – Add new menu items, adjust existing ones and manage discounts and promotions with color-coding and bulk editing features.
  • MULTI-LOCATION MENU MANAGEMENT – Save time by creating menu items at the company level and apply the item to each location that sells it to drive consistency in your menus.
  • MULTI-LOCATION STAFF MANAGEMENT – Manage all your employees in one place across multiple locations, keeping your labor and reporting more accurate.
  • USER ROLES – Customize as many role definitions and positions as you need to assign and restrict team members to specific user roles.
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