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In today’s society, cyber security is more important than ever. You never want to worry that your restaurant may be a hacker’s next target. NCR Aloha Network & Security Services (NSS) is a layered network defense solution that prevents data security compromises. Play it safe with NSS.


  • Blocks dangerous connections to and from the internet
  • Automatically controls the websites that your staff can access
  • Ensures reliable operation of systems within your restaurant


  • Provides a trusted way of accessing systems of the internet
  • Assists in covering expenses associated with a cardholder data breach
  • Helps address many PCI compliance requirements
  • Safeguard your restaurant’s reputation and your customers’ data through comprehensive security measures
  • Lower your IT operations cost through robust security and network connectivity tools

Introducing: Managed Wi-Fi + Analytics

Turn your Wi-Fi environment into a potent source of revenue and customer loyalty by leveraging the combined benefits of NSS Managed Wi-Fi + Analytics captive portal and social media interaction technology. Use easily customizable splash pages to grab the attention of today’s mobile and connected consumers, engage them with videos, polls and surveys, and then take advantage of built-in analytics tools to better understand their habits and preferences.

  • Powerful engagement and analytics tools
  • Captivating splash pages
  • Seamless integration with your NCR Aloha POS system

Site Shield

  • Protect your network with a managed firewall
  • Blocks questionable or dangerous connections
  • Optional Wi-Fi for your guests via a portal
  • Includes ongoing oversight and support by NCR NSS technicians

Threat Defender

  • Monitors and defends your operation against malware
  • Scans your system for common security weaknesses
  • Safeguards your computer

Secure Access

  • Safeguard access to your network with two-factor authentication
  • Encrypts all data sent over your network
  • Grants access to designated users
  • Access without opening potentially dangerous network ports

Breach Assistance

  • Protect your business from expenses resulting from suspected or actual breaches
  • Designed for PCI cardholder data security incidents
  • Provides up to $100,000 for NSS customers

NSS Datasheet

NSS Site Shield Datasheet

NSS Secure Access Datasheet

NSS Threat Defender Datasheet

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