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HCS Help Desk

Point of Sale support is available 16 hours a day through the Hospitality Control Solutions Help Desk seven days a week. (888) 353-4275

Our HCS Help Desk team follows this protocol in handling an issue:

1 Define the problem in detail quickly.

2 Determine the resolution of the issue expected by the customer.

3 Figure out the best way to solve the issue and take action to resolve the problem.

4 Communicate clearly with the customer the resolution process and expected time of resolve.

5 Provide documentation on solution determined, resolution outcome and transmit that information to appropriate management.

With our toll-free number, (888) 353-4275, you can speak with the HCS in-house Help Desk team members 16 hours a day 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM CST, seven days a week.

HCS Help Desk offers help with related software troubleshooting, operations, management reports and more. Our team can access your technology through a dial-in mode in the device modem and give you professional online technology help. Through this process, they can determine if the issue is software or hardware, and execute a solution when possible, or recommend an appropriate strategy to get your system operating properly.

Even though various point-of-sale systems have become more complex through the years, HCS has a highly trained and system qualified technical team in house, plus field service technicians. When you call HCS for support help, you no longer have to deal with onsite software support issues. Dial in issue resolution allow you to continue serving your guests and running your operations.

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