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NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard

How can you better protect your operations from internal theft? It is estimated that 75% of a restaurant’s inventory shortages are due to theft. If left unchecked, this could equal up to 4% of annual sales in certain cases. With NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard, you can stop internal theft and gain a better way to measure employee performance. Managing your operations has never been so easy.

Backed by science: According to a study from MIT, Washington University, and Brigham Young University, NCR Restaurant Guard not only detects fraud, but also changes employee behavior AND increases revenue. “Knowing they were being monitored, servers not only pulled back on any unethical practices, but also channeled their efforts into, say, prompting customers to have that dessert or a second beer.”

Gain insights

into staff behavior

Detect patterns of fraudulent behavior
Recognize common scams, such as transfers, voids after check close, comps after check close and comps after check prints

Know your best and worst employees
Gain insights into employee performance with server rankings and other key metrics that can be used to provide training and coaching

Get alerts immediately
When suspicious transactions are indicated, user-friendly alerts are sent to management in real-time

  • Examines historical trends and statistical variances for sophisticated theft detection
  • When suspicious transactions are indicated, user-friendly alerts are sent to management in real time
  • Restaurant Guard recognizes common scams such as transfers, voids after check close, and more
  • Receive instant notifications of significant comps, voids, and transfers on your mobile device
  • Detailed reports provide loss prevention summaries, scam alerts, and insights into server performance
  • Takes the cost and complexity out of analyzing POS transaction activity
  • Zero client configuration is required or needed. Able to just “turn it on”
  • Accessible through the NCR Pulse mobile platform
  • Quickly identify operational practices that need review
  • Reports are customizable and require zero configuration, making them easy to use
  • Employee performance report compares performance on several key metrics, serving as a valuable employee performance and coaching tool
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