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Aloha Essentials Subscription

In today’s business landscape, some restaurant companies prefer to buy and own their POS hardware, while others prefer to just pay a monthly subscription for hardware, software, and services. Aloha POS is now available as a Monthly Subscription in addition to the traditional purchase-outright model.

The subscription program is called Aloha Essentials, and for one low monthly payment an Aloha Essentials Subscription includes:

  • Aloha QuickService or Aloha TableService
  • Pulse Real Time smartphone app
  • Configuration Center Menu and Pricing Management from the cloud (Need Page)
  • Command Center cloud-based remote access
  • Aloha Insight or Aloha Console reporting from the cloud
  • Aloha Stored Value gift card solution
  • 3rd Party Interfaces licensing
  • Access to Online Ordering (nominal per-order fees not included)
  • Hardware and hardware replacement warranty for the life of the subscription
  • NEW Terminals and New Fileserver every 5 years
  • Local Help Desk support 365 days per year
  • System Flexibility (add or subtract components and have your monthly payment reflect only what you keep)

Embracing Digital

How Aloha Essentials enables your
operations to compete in a digital first world

The restaurant experience
is transforming…

and shows no signs of
slowing down

Aloha Essentials is an all-in-one cloud-enabled technology and services subscription that enables restaurant brands to adapt to industry transformation.

Purpose-built for full-service, quick service and everything in between to help operators deliver on what customers want, when they want it.

One low monthly payment for hardware, software, and cloud applications.

To compete in today’s disruptive restaurant industry,

you need a modern, flexible tech platform

that helps you innovate digitally, offer differentiated
experiences and identify opportunities to grow.

You need Aloha Essentials.

Manage your sites

from anywhere

Access a single source of data truth
Pricing, POS layouts, display graphics all centralized in one cloud-based management system

Make item and menu changes immediately
Manage, schedule, configure and distribute data across multiple sites and update your database on demand

Ensure high levels of security
Use multi-factor authentication, security audits and alerts and encrypt communications

Reduce disruptions due to tech issues
Receive alerts when failure occurs and fix those problems remotely

Give guests easy

mobile payment

Provide peace-of-mind to your guests
Guests will rest easier with an experience that enables them to avoid handing over their credit card

Enable an easy contactless experience
QR codes combined with a mobile website that has simple, easy-to-follow instructions = greater adoption by guests

Offer more payment options
A digital payments platform allows your guest to pay the way they want – whether by bank, mobile wallet, or digital service

Improve the overall experience
Guests will appreciate having total control over the payment process and being able to leave when they’re ready

Drive connected

digital experiences

Accelerate your digital strategy
Customers can see location-specific menus with true prices and taxes and pay online

Get to market faster
Use our existing white-labeled commerce platform and add your brand, logo, colors, font and messaging for a consistent brand experience

Enable group ordering by invitation
Setup capabilities to enable your guests to create group orders, sending out invitations to individuals to add to the order

Use the same capabilities for Contactless Dine-In
Contactless Dine-In is a feature of our online ordering capabilities that enables guests to scan a QR code, order and pay without touching anything


fresh food, fast

Increase speed of service
Maximize your productivity at each kitchen station

Meet your guests’ expectations
Anticipate and manage the flow of orders placed inside and outside your restaurant at the same time

Drive labor efficiency
Maximize your investments in labor and technology with bin functionality and management, load balancing, and routing rulebooks

Optimize your kitchen performance
Understand how your kitchen staff are performing and easily identify where action is needed

Gain insights

into staff behavior

Detect patterns of fraudulent behavior
Recognize common scams, such as transfers, voids after check close, comps after check close and comps after check prints

Know your best and worst employees
Gain insights into employee performance with server rankings and other key metrics that can be used to provide training and coaching

Get alerts immediately
When suspicious transactions are indicated, user-friendly alerts are sent to management in real-time

Create and deliver

experiences that matter

Utilize a single, powerful marketing platform
Consolidate your email/text marketing, promotion and offer management, loyalty and campaign management all into one application

Make more data-driven decisions
Collect and aggregate data points from all touch points to track customer behavior, campaign effectiveness and optimize spend

Easily distribute offers to your guests
Leverage easy-to-use tools to schedule and publish offers via SMS, MMS and email

Design marketing programs that drive results
Create multiple guest segments to run targeted communications and programs

Embrace digital transformation
with Aloha Essentials

Gain access to an affordable, all-in-one cloud-enabled software and services subscription

Obtain everything you need to run your restaurant efficiently and drive new business: hardware, software and 24×7 customer service – all with no hidden fees

Get ongoing access to the latest software capabilities

Have your hardware automatically replaced every five years

Enjoy a full solution that not only keeps your restaurant running – but thriving

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