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Aloha Stored Value

NCR Aloha Stored Value addresses the common challenge of generating new revenue and ineffective marketing. Did you know that customers, on average, spend 65% more than the stored value card amount? Gift cards extend your brand’s footprint and unlocks previously unrealized customer value.

  • Understand your customers’ behavior to target specific offers for a higher response rate
  • Analyze when and where cards were used, what was purchased, and the average spent
  • Monitor operations and revenues closely with real-time, enterprise-wide, reporting capabilities
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) ensures payment reconciliation across all sites, so that stores or concepts that have a different ownership makeup can still share a common gift card without having to manually transfer funds behind the scenes
  • Define how each card series behaves and which series are accepted in which stores
  • One solution that is easily implemented across multiple locations, franchises, and businesses
  • Instantly deployed and activated. Requires no additional hardware
  • Turn your best guests into active marketers of your restaurant
  • Customers can view their gift card balance via a link on your website
  • Give your loyal customers a way to share the restaurant experience with others


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