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Aloha Mobile Pay

Aloha Mobile Pay is an easy to use and deploy contactless payment application that can be used for both QR code generated payments, as well as text message based payments. Restaurants can enable payment in their operations flow by adding a QR code for payment on guest receipts or by sending a guest a text that includes a link to pay the check.

Give guests easy mobile payment
  • PROVIDE PEACE-OF-MIND TO YOUR GUESTS – Guests will rest easier with an experience that enables them to avoid handing over their credit card.
  • ENABLE AN EASY CONTACTLESS EXPERIENCE – QR codes combined with a mobile website that has simple, easy-to-follow instructions = greater adoption by guests.
  • OFFER MORE PAYMENT OPTIONS – A digital payments platform allows your guest to pay the way they want – whether by bank, mobile wallet, or digital service.
  • IMPROVE THE OVERALL EXPERIENCE – Guests will appreciate having total control over the payment process and being able to leave when they’re ready.
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