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Self-Ordering & Digital Kiosk Software Solutions

Self-Order Restaurant Kiosks

Say goodbye to slow lines and wasted money. With our self-order kiosks, restaurants like yours can eliminate inefficiencies, boost revenue, and put the power back into your customers’ hands.

  • FASTER, ACCURATE ORDERING – Our self-order restaurant kiosks and online solutions allow your customers to quickly browse the menu and choose exactly what they want with a simplified ordering process—without costly errors that slow your kitchen down.
  • HIGHER SALES & LOWER LABOR COSTS – Contactless restaurant self-service kiosks eliminate the need for unnecessary human interaction, reducing your labor costs significantly. Plus, our smart upselling technology using Samsung POS perfectly matches suggestions to your customer’s order to boost sales with relevant add-on items.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Give your customers the power to quickly and easily choose their items via a self-order kiosk, app, or online delivery system. Our restaurant solutions allow your customers to order on their own time, with increased confidence that their order will be 100% accurate.
Let Our Restaurant Kiosks Do the Work for You

With GRUBBRR’s self-order kiosks, restaurants like yours can trust our software to handle your customer’s orders with accuracy and speed. You and your staff should spend time perfecting meals and growing the business – not taking orders.

By drastically reducing your customers’ wait time, you’ll increase both revenue and customer trust. Happy customers equal loyal customers, meaning they’ll be coming back again and again.

Embrace the Future of Restaurant Ordering

At GRUBBRR, we believe that inefficiencies are simply opportunities to grow into the ever-changing world of tomorrow. And in the fast-paced restaurant industry, you simply can’t afford to get left behind by using old technology or slow manual labor.

Our self-service kiosks for restaurants are designed to better the customer experience—and your bottom line—in every way.

Our cutting-edge approach to service guarantees more robust opportunities to increase your sales, while continuing to put your customers first by putting control back into their hands. Push your restaurant into the next generation with a holistic cloud kitchen POS system created specifically with restaurants in mind.

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