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PCI Compliance and Managed Firewalls

Did you know that in order to be PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant, you must have a managed firewall?

A current subscription to a reputable Anti-Virus software is also required, but it is not enough! This is where the managed firewall comes in to play as Anti-Virus software cannot defend against all threats, especially new ones.  Managed firewalls restrict dangerous connections to and from the internet while allowing necessary business applications to function. This prevents unauthorized users and data criminals from accessing your network and compromising sensitive data such as credit card numbers and business banking details. On your quest to compliance, one thing to remember is that a Commercial Grade or Enterprise Grade managed firewall is what merchants need. A firewall from Amazon or Best Buy is not enough. The provider of your managed firewall and Anti-Virus must supply quarterly scans to both systems.

Hospitality Control Solutions has recommended options available to protect you and your operation: NCR Network Security Services (NSS)and Millennium Digital Technologies.

NCR Network Security Services (NSS)

Millennium Digital

  • Millennium Digital provides secure 2-factor remote access, breach assistance, PCI compliance and guidance, and protects you from internal and external internet threats.
  • Packages start at $49.99 a month.
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