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Repeat customers represent an average 74% of sales for quick service operators and 71% of sales for fast-casual operators. With NCR Aloha Loyalty, you can build guest loyalty through effective programs that lead to higher profits, guest satisfaction, and visibility.

  • Randomly reward your guests with a lottery rewards program or target a specific group with smart rewards
  • Reward your guests based on their spend amount, number of visits, or items they’ve purchased
  • Provide rewards or bonuses for customer life events, such as birthdays or anniversaries
  • Integration with NCR Aloha Stored Value card solution enhances brand value and further drives guest retention
  • Give bonus rewards by increasing value to items during specific times of day, enabling you to drive increased traffic and sales
  • Control and track the amount of meal discounts employees can receive in a given timeframe
  • Plan in advance promotion schedules and triggered events such as double credit during certain hours, etc.
  • Engage your loyal customers outside of your restaurant through integration with your restaurant’s website or a link to your social media pages
  • Enable your guests to register their loyalty cards online via Memberlink


Aloha Loyalty

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