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Your business will benefit from Aloha Stored Value to provide its gift-card distribution and management system that is integrated with Aloha POS. An important component in your marketing budget, gift cards bring new customers to your restaurant’s doorsteps and provide added revenue growth through sales to existing customers who already know and support your product. In essence, they work like a referral service, and allow customers to give a gift they know will be well received. You’ll find Aloha’s gift and stored value card programs easy to manage across multiple locations, as well as an important resource for sale and profitability reports.

Enhance Business Growth

Gift card sales create an additional reliable revenue source.

Administrative Time and Cost Efficiency

With the Aloha Stored Value system, managers reap multi-settlement advantages through reduction of collection and payment issues between multiple locations.

Foster Return Customers

Customers gain the ability to add value to their existing gift cards.

Develop Marketing Programs for Specific Groups of People

Through a variety of card types, devise special promotions to market your business.

Push Card Sales and Redemptions

  • Stored Value system prints card balance on customer receipts.
  • The feature facilitates real-time authorization of card sales and redemption through fully integrated Aloha POS.
  • Cardholders can easily add value to their existing cards with the Stored Value design.
  • Special promotions have access to unlimited card types.
  • With an eCard Terminal Edition, you have gift card support for multiple POS platforms.

Promotes Operating Control and Efficiency

  • Provides for offline authorization
  • Storewide capabilities for reporting in real time
  • Current card information with smooth synchronization between stores
  • System deploys easily with ability to activate stores online with gift cards
  • Delivers scheduled reports by e-mail in a range of formats for recipients
  • Complete units with no hardware to add
  • Automated Clearing house (ACH) ensures powerful replication groups manage your onsite gift card information and determine which cards can be accepted in which stores, and payment reconciliation across all sites.
  • Radiant Systems make it possible for each operating unit in your restaurant group to have the ability to share gift cards and accept respective gift card settlement with functionality in a real-time environment.

Aloha Stored Value Multi-Settlement Advantages

  • Your operations can have multiple restaurants as well as other businesses share Aloha Stored Value cards.
  • Minimize administrative costs and time for collection and payment between multiple locations.
  • Automatically transfer, verify and reconcile gift card funds.
  • A leading payment processor backs gift card fund reconciliation.

Aloha Stored Value