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How do you as the restaurant operator know that dollars your customers spend are properly accounted for in your system? One of the great challenges to profitability is being able to track your revenue accurately. The Aloha Restaurant Guard provides a hosted back office solution with a highly effective loss prevention tool.

One way to minimize this loss is the Aloha Restaurant Guard, which can alert you and your managers to potential theft that might be occurring by detailing transactions with supporting data to create a superior level of transaction intelligence. With this device on guard, you devote your efforts to customer satisfaction and experience, plus more efficient operations.

Highly effective, Aloha Restaurant Guard is watching at the point of sale with these actions:

  • Monitoring historical trends to reveal individuals participating in suspicious actions by scanning transaction history
  • Determining potential theft patterns in one or all restaurants through constantly updating your system
    Acting as a theft deterrent

Using reports that look for the most frequently used scams, Aloha Restaurant Guard returns cash to your bottom line through monitoring all stations in your restaurant. This program checks for scams such as:

  • Comps after check close
  • Comps after check print
  • Voids after check close
  • Transfers (“Wagon Wheel”)

Your reporting analysis can be detailed in depth and customized without setup effort on your part. Here is how:

  • Provides a loss-prevention summary and comparative alerts of scams
  • Comprehensive individual site rankings using kitchen, dining room and fraud index
  • Best and worst performers highlighted in easy-to-read server summary reports
  • Total potential loss calculated along with detailed incident history by employee ID

Aloha Restaurant Guard