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Aloha Online Ordering offers a tool to streamline your restaurant marketing programs and promote online orders from your customers. Now your marketing and operations team can use this tool to help drive new and repeat customers to your restaurant through the most efficient technology.

With Aloha Online Ordering, your customers can be anywhere they have access to a technology device where they can visit your website. Your team reaches more customers, enhances customer satisfaction, drives customer sales, and as a result, store profitability.

Web-based Order System

With today’s technology, many of today’s customers are ready to order from their mobile device or computer. They can even sit in your restaurant, place the order from their device, then quickly pick it up when preparation is complete. Web orders placed electronically into the Aloha POS system have fewer errors and are naturally less labor intensive.

Instant Order Communication

Aloha’s POS system coupled with web online ordering ensures transactions are fast and received at the site intended by the customer. Your guests know the exact dollar amount of their purchase, including the correct tax, when they arrive to pick up the order and pay their check.

Order Transparency

  • With Aloha Online Ordering, your customers can view the actual pricing with tax. Staff can review the order to make any needed adjustments, and check the status of the order. The thorough integration of this ordering solution with the POS system facilitates tracking of the customer’s web order, as well as a way to monitor flow from order through prep to customer delivery. With the efficiency of one POS system, the order’s status is always timely with automatic updating.
  • Orders submitted online automatically move into the flow of the total kitchen system, keeping the in-store customers in order with the online orders, thus handling all customers equally in the best operational efficiency.

Customer Security and Convenience

If a customer choses, the person can expedite the transaction by entering the payment information online as part of the web order. When the customer places an order in the future, they have the option to make it more convenient, as well as secure, by having that information safely stored.

Site Installation Remote

When you are ready to go live, your technology team can install Online Ordering 100% remotely without site visits.

Find New Customers, More Options for Existing Customers

  • With the availability of online ordering, your restaurants benefit from those customers you would not reach otherwise. They look at your menu, find what they like, order, then show up at your site for a first visit—an effective way to drive new traffic.
  • Your existing customers can have a quick and convenient way to order when they are in a hurry. Once on your website, the instant connection throughout the POS system puts product in their hands when they want it, and conveniently.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

  • With the flexibility to order when they want, your guests increase their loyalty to your products and restaurants.
  • By being able to confirm these online orders, you ensure more accuracy in order fulfillment.

Develop Your Customer Base

With detailed profile information gathered through the online order process, your marketing and operations teams can make more knowledge-based decisions about reaching and pleasing your customer.

Aloha Online Ordering