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Repeat customers are vital to the survival of your restaurant business. Rewarding existing customers is as important as developing new customers. The Aloha Loyalty electronic solutions offer an easy way to help retain that customer base, plus increase store traffic. Using this flexible and customizable rewards and bonus solution, you can design the program specifically to meet the needs of your restaurant environment and push customer sales.

Drive Customer Return

Determine what rewards and bonuses your business can offer, then customize the Aloha Loyalty technology to deliver your desired results. Using this solution, your customers can track their standings in the reward and bonus programs on your website.

Promote Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will be pleased with instant discounts, bounce-back vouchers and the gift card credit options, plus much more, to enhance your own innovative marketing program.

Aloha Loyalty Program Plans

The following examples show plan that can be used alone or in combination with each other to provide a diverse reward and bonus program:

Currency Based

For each $200 your customer spends, that person receives a gift card loaded with $20 as a reward, or a 10% discount on a future visit.

Items Based

The customer buys a predesignated number of items to get an additional item free. Or, for example, purchase two qualifying menu items to get a free dessert.

Visits Based

Customers get a free menu item, such as appetizer or dessert, on a predesignated visit, i.e., first, fifth, tenth visit.

Points Based

Customer accrues points on specific items, then redeems points for merchandise, discounts or whatever reward you might determine.

``Be My Guest``

This plan allows you to focus on specific eligible items, then determine what comps and promotions are linked to them. For instance, your might let a guest select from a group of appetizers (limited by dollar value or quantity), or give a designated dollar value on any items on the menu.

Lottery Based

If legal in your state or county, this plan provides a way to give your customer a chance of earning a discount, grand prize, free item or other reward. This plan also might be used with surveys to guests, or promoting new menu items, such as, “Bring this voucher on your next visit to receive a free item.” (topping, appetizer, or whatever your determine)

Employee Meal Plan

This solution enables your to create a way to set up an employee meal program—control, track and set predetermined dollar spending limits. These can be reset automatically, whether daily, weekly or monthly.

Unlimited Rewards and Program Levels

  • Promotions are automatically applied immediately at the POS when the reward is earned.
  • Rewards can be credited as added value to the customer’s gift card or stored value program.
  • To promote return visits, you can print bounce back vouchers on site.

Technology Schedules and Triggers Events

  • Through your bonus plan, you can determine triggers to reward the customer with membership in a special club, or an special event invite.
  • You can design bonus events that double points/credits at certain day parts or times.

Plan Member Provided with Memberlink Access

Through your Memberlink program, your customer can update their profile information, view their current point/credit standings directly on your restaurant website. This process reduces administrative overhead, while improving the customer experience, as well as taking them to the website where your might promote new food items and services.

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