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Being alert to management issues and having the capability to analyze operational data from a central hosted location is key to effective restaurant management. Aloha Insight, a web-based application, is designed to collect your restaurant operation’s sales and labor data, and make it available on the Internet, as well as through distributed reports. Using this tool, you will be able to quickly have an overview of your data, or scrutinize in the finest detail. You’ll have current data reports to facilitate local data warehousing, as well as exporting information to accounting, payroll and human resources systems.

Increase Revenue

Aloha Insight allows you and your managers to make quick business decisions wisely by accurately measuring operational performance.

Lower Operational Costs

You can measure, manage and even reduce food costs with data that show variances. Through labor scheduling forecasts, employees can be more productive and used most effectively.

Focus on Customer Service

Your team will be able to spend more time focusing on what is most important—providing excellent customer service—while minimizing administrative tasks.

Aloha Insight Tool

Since Aloha Insight is a web-based reporting tool, you and your management team can access its data instantly, from any location, to check on your business’ performance. This application enables quick and accurate decision-making with unmatched visibility and control of restaurant operations.

  • Customize comparison reporting, sales analysis and forecasting.
  • Have access to data backup service provided offsite with storage and annual updates.
  • When needed, consolidate multistore reporting to enable detailed analysis by location, region or concept.

Technology for Loss Prevention

  • Gain greater check-level insight with drill-down capabilities.
  • Receive active timely alerts focusing on unanticipated issues, plus guidance for solutions to resolve the situation.
  • With multiple sites, determine possible problems through comparison of in-store employee activity data.

Customizable Reporting

  • The user-friendly wizard-based Reports Builder allow you to create and customized your own reports.
  • With standard built-in calculations, design your own data elements for reports and alerts.
  • Choose which reports you want to display on your eDesktop.
  • Schedule which alerts and reports will be e-mailed to you on a regular basis.

Integration Capabilities

General ledger

Aloha Insight is easy to integrate with a variety of popular accounting packages including QuickBooks, Great Plains, Lawson, MAS90/200, Solomon, ACCPaC and others.

Payroll Systems

This platform is designed to work with numerous systems, including Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Millennium and others.

Aloha Insight