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“Dr Don Newcomb, his son Chris Newcomb and Debra Bryson were the original founders of McAlister’s Gourmet Deli, a nationally recognized brand in the restaurant industry. Just a few years after selling that very successful concept they developed a new one called Newk’s Express Café. They derived the name because ‘Newk’ is short for Newcomb, Express because they wanted to be fast, and Café “because it tells the mind that this is a place where I can come and relax”. On February 2, 2004 the original Newk’s Express Café opened in Oxford, MS. The Newcombs made the decision to install Aloha at Newk’s because one of the most successful McAlister’s franchisees had been using Aloha from Hospitality Control Solutions in their (then) 24 McAlister’s Delis and were very pleased with the partnership. The Newk’s concept has 98 units in 13 states today and is growing at the rate of twenty or so per year; Aloha is a required investment at all units. Now branded Newk’s Eatery, the stores average 800 customers per day and are expanding their catering presence and increasing off-premise sales. The need to be efficient and fast is paramount, and having a POS system that allows employees to be so while concentrating on the signature Newk’s customer service is integral to the operation. “I can actually walk up to an Aloha terminal and begin to use it to ring up product without any training. That’s something I could not do with our former POS at our last restaurant concept” said Chris Newcomb. The Aloha ease of use, coupled with superior fault tolerance and industry leading above-store solutions, make Aloha the logical choice for Newk’s Eatery. Connection to the community is also at the heart of Newk’s business philosophy, and by installing Aloha Stored Value, Aloha Loyalty, and Aloha Online Ordering, and other above-store solutions they are leveraging the most comprehensive point of sale Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools in the restaurant industry. All restaurant concepts from counter service to table service, to the Newcomb’s own hybrid ‘Fast Casual’ market space have made Aloha the number one hospitality POS system for restaurants. Please visit a Newk’s Eatery near you or get to know them better at Hospitality Control Solutions is proud to be the POS partner for the Newk’s community.”

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