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Poynt integrates seamlessly with your NCR Aloha POS through eThor. Function meets form with two devices to choose from that are perfect for Table and Quick Service establishments. Both devices are EMV ready and allow you to transact anywhere through 3G and/or WiFi. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to work with the bank of your choice.

Both devices increase security, reduce fraud and charge backs, and increase server efficiency by turning tables faster. Perfect for single sites or enterprises. It’s just as easy to manage hundreds of units as it is to manage just a few.

Oh, and it’s easy on the eyes. Your customers will love the sleek design of Poynt.

The Poynt 5
  • Small in size, big in flexibility
  • 1 large screen with built-in scanner and camera
  • Syncs directly to your Aloha POS system
  • The Poynt 5 is built for easy customization to your restaurant environment
  • End to end encryption

Poynt5 Device 1.0 Datasheet

Poynt Smart Terminal
  • All in one wireless smart terminal with an interactive 7” touchscreen
  • 2 screens with built-in receipt printer
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Syncs directly to your Aloha POS system
  • Plug and play: built-in compatibility for dozens of peripherals
  • PCI PTS v4.0 certified
  • Charging power dock

Poynt Smart Terminal Device Datasheet

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