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Do you know how much a bad service experience could cost your business? NCR Aloha Customer Voice gives you insight into what your guests think about your restaurant. Achieve higher revenues, productivity, and guest satisfaction.

  • Customers can complete a short, simple survey that rates their experience in your restaurant
  • Track the exact dollar amount associated with your business – both at-risk and newly-acquired
  • Integrates with NCR Aloha Loyalty to enable better identification of loyal customers
  • Surveys can be configured through NCR Aloha Loyalty, NCR Aloha Online and Mobile Ordering, or through NCR Aloha POS receipt
  • Every comment from every customer is analyzed, providing valuable insight across multiple sites or down to the individual restaurant
  • Prompts your promoters (those who rated a 9 or 10) to “spread the word” through their social media channels
  • Your happy customers act as a sales force, leveraging social media as a powerful referral service
  • Accessible through the NCR Aloha Pulse mobile platform

Customer Voice

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