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A variety of handheld devices are available in the marketplace, but the Aloha Orderman mobile unit is providing effective solutions for restaurant owners nationwide. These devices help make their staff more efficient, maximize their time in customer care and minimize order errors, thus allowing faster table turn and check availability.

Orderman Advantages Over the Competition

Additional Security

Unlike typical Wi-Fi solutions, the Orderman radio solution offers better security for processing transactions. Designed exclusively for Orderman, this unique data transmission prohibits potential breaching of the system by hackers intent on stealing important data. Instead of typical network protocols that might be more easily hacked and demand extensive security maintenance, the Aloha Orderman system protects the multiple daily credit card and gift card transactions of your restaurant’s operations, as well as your guests’ valuable data.

Batteries Last Longer

Since Orderman mobile handheld devices use a radio frequency of 902 Mhz instead of 2.4 Ghz, required for Wi-Fi, the Orderman’s batteries last longer. With 1/10th of the power consumption for a traditional handheld device, the batteries will sustain their life for 16 to 18 hours of continuous use, longer than those using the Wi-Fi, typically about four hours of battery life. At the end of the day, your staff returns your handhelds to the charging station without having to face the worry or inconvenience of recharging during the service hours.

Average hours of continuous operation:

Wi-Fi vs Radio

Improved Connectivity

With the lower radio frequency, movement does not impact the reception of signal, improving the Orderman’s connectivity over similar devices using Wi-Fi. Where servers are constantly in motion providing your best customer service, they can be assured their devices will always be responsive to order input and payment transactions. If a disconnect occurs, the Orderman reconnects three times per second, versus once in 15 seconds for a Wi-Fi connected device. To your server and customer, such a transmission break is virtually invisible.

Wi-Fi vs Orderman

Longer Range

You benefit with longer range for each Orderman device due to the low radio frequency. Compare 165 feet indoors for an Orderman handheld versus 120 feet indoors. Outdoors, the range jumps even more significantly with Orderman still receiving at 984 feet, versus 300 feet—three times the distance outdoors—maximizing your servers mobility. Because the lower radio frequency penetrates more types of structures, in most installations, you can use one access point to power an entire location. Again Orderman goes where others may not be able to communicate effectively.

Aloha Mobile Orderman

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