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Happy and satisfied customers return over and over!

People remember the way they are greeted and treated when they arrive at your restaurant. The Aloha Guest Manager system can help your staff provide that memorable experience that will bring them back to your restaurant over and over. Having their reserved table ready for their arrival, and knowledge of available tables right at your fingertips, is the beginning of that pleasant restaurant experience for your guests.

Aloha Guest Manager Solutions:

Waitlist and Table Service Management

  • Coordination of guests, whether call-ahead or walk-in
  • Ability to provide accurate wait time estimates
  • Best seating utilization geared to available tables and staff
  • Programmed server rotation
  • Paging integrated into system

Guest Tracking and Reservations

  • Streamlined data management to help ensure guest preference when the guest makes the reservation
  • Ease in scheduling multiple reservation dates, especially for repetitive meetings
  • Management capability for special events
  • Capability for online reservations

Management of Table Seating

  • Up-to-the-minute table status on waiting and seated parties
  • Timely floor management—whether predetermined or spontaneous
  • Ability to customize floor plan using multiple choices of intuitive floor plans
  • Forecasting of adjacent table availability needed for larger table seating
  • Easy management of servers with stations
  • Management system for large parties
  • Statistics of wait time and seated parties in real time

Aloha Guest Manager

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