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Hospitality Control Solutions offers restaurant owners and operators NCR / ALOHA systems as the BEST IN CLASS Point of Sale system for growing your RESTAURANT.

You’ll find the Aloha TakeOut solution expedites your take-away and curbside operations. Aloha Delivery coupled with Aloha’s QuickService and Table Service applications, loaded with special features, integrates efficiently all aspects of the sales process into a smoothly functioning system.

People remember the way they are greeted and treated when they arrive at your restaurant. The Aloha Guest Manager system can help your staff provide that memorable experience that will bring them back to your restaurant over and over.

At the core of guest satisfaction is the arrival of the food order in a timely matter at the appropriate temperature. The Aloha Kitchen technology adds value by maximizing guest satisfaction, reducing labor costs, and decreases kitchen errors and wasted food.

A variety of handheld devices are available in the marketplace, but the Aloha Orderman mobile unit is providing effective solutions for restaurant owners nationwide. These devices help make their staff more efficient, maximize their time in customer care and minimize order errors, thus allowing faster table turn and check availability.

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