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Aloha Hosted Solutions offers you a superior security capability through Aloha’s Network Services, which exceeds normal compliance requirements. This hosted solution involves products and services to create a threat response network for your business with proactive management tools.

When your stores and restaurants have the best security, you keep your customer’s trust and the good relationships you have with those guests.

Site Shield

This product features the type of firewall security to protect your customer’s data:

  • Managed commercial grade hardware firewall
  • Antivirus with constant upgrades
  • Intrusion detection
  • Regular external scans

Secure Access

Wherever you are, you can observe the security activity of your business technology and data through this above-store remote access tool.

  • Access data remotely
  • Requires two factor authentication
  • Immediate notice on security and operational alerts
  • File and view reports remotely
  • Transfer files securely

Threat Defender

This service provides a constant monitor and network defense capability.

  • Secure authentication for new processes
  • Remote process monitor agent
  • TCP connection monitor agent

Breach Assistance Program

In the rare circumstance that your system might incur a data breach, Network Security Services provides up to $50,000 of breach protection per site.

Whether a data breach is suspected or actual, you will have the expense protection to ensure your security is maintained effectively with these features covered:

  • Card replacement expenses
  • Forensic audit expenses
  • Card association assessments
  • Post-event services expenses