This solution is designed to allow your customer to place a drink or meal transaction completely on a mobile device.


After taking the drink or food order, your server uses your point of sale device to open a check. The POS prints a chit with instructions on how to view the check. Your server takes this chit to the customer.

Customer Retrieves Check

  • Customer types the URL provided on the chit into the mobile device browser.
  • Customer enters the six-digit, alpha-numeric code from the chit, then touches, “Go” on screen.

Customer View Check

  • After the device browser locates the check, the customer’s check information is displayed.
  • NCR Mobile Pay allows customer to see all the check items.

Need More Service or To Order More?

  • Customer can page server from mobile device.
  • NCR Mobile Pay posts status of customer’s message to server.

Interactive Capability

  • NCR Mobile Pay makes it easy to order more food or drink.
  • Customer can easily ask server a question.

Customer Feedback

  • Device allows customer to provide feedback on ordered item or service.
  • This feature allows instant feedback for kitchen if adjustment need to be made in food preparation.

Receipt by E-Mail

  • Allows your customer to go green by selection of e-mailed receipt.
  • Saves server time in completing the transaction.

Other Customer Needs?

  • Customer can request items to go from device.
  • Ask for a to-go-box.
  • Option allows customer to share experience on Facebook.

Check Out from Phone

  • Easy mobile payment is instantly available on mobile device.
  • Transaction is completed in secure and convenient environment.

Customer Feedback Improves Service/Product Delivery

  • Customer can provide feedback on the total dining experience.
  • NCR Mobile Pay uses NPS to retrieve feedback allowing integration with Customer Voice and Pulse Real-Time.

NCR Mobile Pay