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PULSE Real-Time is the reporting app for savvy operators. Now you can track in real time your servers’ activity through data retrieved from your point of sale system.


Your business will benefit from Aloha Stored Value to provide its gift-card distribution and management system that is integrated with Aloha POS.


Repeat customers are vital to the survival of your restaurant business. Rewarding existing customers is as important as developing new customers. The Aloha Loyalty electronic solutions offer an easy way to help retain that customer base, plus increase store traffic.


How do you as the restaurant operator know that dollars your customers spend are properly accounted for in your system? One of the great challenges to profitability is being able to track your revenue accurately. The Aloha Restaurant Guard provides a hosted back office solution with a highly effective loss prevention tool.


How do you gauge your customer satisfaction? Customer Voice, which is based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS), the Ultimate Question, offers a web-based customer loyalty, retention and referral tool.


This solution is designed to allow your customer to place a drink or meal transaction completely on a mobile device.


Being alert to management issues and having the capability to analyze operational data from a central hosted location is key to effective restaurant management.


Your managers can easily monitor and control all your business site systems through the Aloha Command Center support tool. With this solution you can view what goes on with each server and terminal on a real-time basis.


Aloha Hosted Solutions offers you a superior security capability through Aloha’s Network Services, which exceeds normal compliance requirements. This hosted solution involves products and services to create a threat response network for your business with proactive management tools.


Aloha Online Ordering offers a tool to streamline your restaurant marketing programs and promote online orders from your customers. Now your marketing and operations team can use this tool to help drive new and repeat customers to your restaurant through the most efficient technology.